Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dinner With A view

Dinner With A view, originally uploaded by captainjay.

We are having dinner at The Mafolie Hotel. This has always been one of our favorite spots on the island, killer view, great food and good service.


Anonymous said...

You're joking right or the current chef comped you the meals. The last time we ate at Mofolie it was poor to say the least. It's got to be because it's close to your rental why you like the food...The only thing great about "The Mafolie" is the View...That I will agree with you on.

Deb & Jay said...

We have eaten at Mafolie numerous times, even prior to moving here, and have always had a great experience. The food and service has always been good. But I guess everyone has their own opinion. I would recommend it to anyone visiting the island.

Anonymous said...

For a Great Food try the "Grill Room" at Mahogany Run. The current chef is formely from Havana Blue.

To keep friends I'd recommend Mafolie for drinks only just for the view and pics!