Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day Off and Doing Chores

Well I was off today. So I caught up on some chores. I installed the vanity in one of the apartments downstairs that I had promised Shelba a few weeks ago. I also did a little work on the roof and continued to get the pool a little closer to usable. Lower pH soon come. I also managed a trip to the mailbox, sent out the last of the tax stuff to the accountant so he can file my taxes, extension of course. Plus I stopped by the gourmet gallery as well to grab the odds and ends that I couldn't get on the last Cost You Less trip. Oh the glamour of the island life.
The laptop is still on the blink so I am doing this from Deb's work one that she brought home. The Disk image BS installed by Dell was a total and utter failure for recovery. So one of the guys at the University has it now and will try a full reformat and re-install of the operating system. We did manage to back up most of our files on the portable hard drive prior to total meltdown.

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