Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dell Spelled Almost Like Hell

Well I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon trying to fix this computer. After countless downloads and hours spent in safe mode, I managed to download a new driver from ATI for the video card. This new driver has software rendering that kicks in after the computer locks up six or seven times and by passes the video card. So after all this we have confirmed that the video card is the problem. So you would think you just call Dell and order the new video card and all is good with the universe. Not so fast remember we live in the islands. I called Dell and they confirmed the availability of the card and agreed with my conclusion, but they don't consider this a user serviceable part. Even though they have step by step instructions posted on their web page on how to replace it. So they aren't allowed to sell it to me on the phone. But I can order it online if I want to. So being a St Thomian I am used to this kind of nonsense, I log on and try to buy it. Well according to the Dell Web Site I live in Latin America not the US and I have to send an email to Latin America parts to order it, so I can't buy it on line. So I go to Dell online chat, tell them I want to order it. They chat back and say no problem, give us your phone number we will call you and place the order. Does anyone see the irony, I can't call them and order it but they can call me and let me place the order. Well after all of this they give me the price with sales tax. I ask what sales tax? Why West Virginia sales tax of course. They still have my WV address from the service tag that I gave them. So I let him know that my address has changed, fully expecting to be told I can't use a VI address. He isn't phased, so I start out with the new address, PMB as in Private Mail Box, "we don't deliver to mail boxes", well I went on to explain that it really isn't a mail box but a mail service with a fiscal address, oh that's OK. So I give them the credit card info, he places the order and the card is on it' s way.



Traveling Shaunda said...

Haha, gotta love life in the USVI! I can't say that I'll miss this aspect of island life.

Robbo said...

i know you barely know who i am, but if you ever need computer parts, email me first. i can usuall find them wholesale, and i'll certainly have an easier time shipping to usvi than dell will. it may evenm convince me to take a weekend trip!

Deb & Jay said...

Thanks, We will definitly keep that in mind if the part we ordered doesn't fix the problem. But you're welcome to make a weekend trip regardless, ha ha!

Robbo said...

i really dont need much convincing... but if i am delivering something, i might be able to write it off as a business expense... and based on my current paychekcs, that's the only way i'm making it down this year! :-(