Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Beach Pic

Friday Beach Pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.

TGIF! sitting on Brewers Bay eating my lunch enjoying the view. Definitely lovin' the half day on Friday. This is the first Friday in awhile that I haven't had errands to run so I decided to sit on a beach. It's pretty quiet at Brewers and close to UVI and I haven't been here in awhile, so it sounded like the thing to do.

If you haven't already heard, MTV Real World is filming here. They are renting a place on Hassel Island. The crew has been here for a little while setting things up and the contestants started showing up a couple days ago. They were filming yesterday on Water Island and payed Joes Beach bar a visit. I suspect we'll be seeing them around Frenchtown this weekend. They'll be filming the next several months and the episodes should air late summer. I've never watched the show before but I've heard there is always drama and fighting amongst the players. I still think it's good for St. Thomas and all the businesses that will benefit from it. I'll let you know in a couple months if I was wrong :-)

Have a great weekend!

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