Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday Diving

Sunday Diving, originally uploaded by captainjay.

So yesterday since Deb and I were both off and Gary and Allison are in town we decided to get a dive in. After bouncing around a little bit trying to find a decent dive sight, the winds were up quite a bit, we ended up at Flat Key. Deb hasn't been diving in over two years. She decided not to go. So that left me, Gary and Kyle. Kyle wanted to test out a used BCD that he bought. Well the inflator was stuck so he didn't go either.
Gary and I dropped down hoping to find a lobster or three. The good news is that Gary managed to find three under a rock pretty quickly, we just had no luck getting them out. So we finished the dive on a nice reef with lots of fish. We even spotted a small nurse shark sleeping under a ledge on the way back to the boat .
After the dive we all met back up at Honeymoon Beach for the afternoon. Deb and Kyle did manage to get in the water with dive gear for a little practice at the beach.


Kim said...

What do you guys do for a living down there? I'd love to give up the rat race here on the east coast and move down there!

Kim said...

What do you guys do for a living down there? Would love to follow in your footsteps!

Deb and Jay said...

Hi Kim. Jay works at CYOA and I'm a programmer analyst at UVI. Glad you're enjoying the blog :-)