Thursday, March 22, 2012

New blog for St. Thomas Zumba

It's getting closer to Carnival 2012! And this year I'm actually going to be walking in the parade with my Zumba crew! I can't wait, should be a lot of fun :-)

So of course I volunteered to do a blog for the group so that everyone can keep up on the details. They were originally just posting info on Facebook and trying to get an e-mail list going. But not everyone is on Facebook, so it just made more sense to put it out for everyone to see. 

We'll be practicing our routines at the Saturday 9:00 am Yacht Haven Grande Zumba class and having meetings after the class to get updates from everyone. The troupe is open to anyone who loves Zumba, so if you're on island and you want to be involved, stop by. We hope to have a cost per particpant and put a zumba order in for zumba wear this Satuday.

We have 5 weeks to get everything set and get in shape for the 5 hour (or more) zumba-thon down main street! Make sure to come check us out!

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