Tuesday, December 15, 2009

UVI Christmas

UVI Christmas, originally uploaded by captainjay.
UVI ITS (Information Technology Services) really knows how to celebrate Christmas. Our office has been listening to island Christmas music since last week, the offices are decorated, new ITS shirts handed out, and departmental retreats scheduled. Today we are having a birthday / holiday lunch and we'll exchange our secret Santa gifts, tomorrow is our office retreat (some morning team building activities and guest speaker), then lunch, then bowling to show off our new team skills. ;-). Thursday we have a retreat for the whole unit, snorkel and sail with New Horizons. Then Friday is our last day before our TWO week break. Nice, huh?

Merry Christmas!!


brenda said...

Life is tough! I couldn't remember when your two weeks off started. Enjoy! I presume Jay isn't so lucky

CA Girl said...

Waaay nice! I still want to work in your department! :)

CA Girl said...

Waaaay nice! I STILL want to work in your department! :D