Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Beach Picture

Yea! It's Friday!  It's been a great week, lots of fun. Last day of work today, then we go on a two week break. WooHoo!

We went sailing yesterday with New Horizons. They did a great job. Drinks and food were flowing, friendly staff, decent snorkel gear and instruction for the newbies. We made two stops, Honeymoon on St. John and Christmas Cove on Great St. James. Christmas Cove was by far the better snorkel stop.

I took lots of pics with my new camera and shot some great video of a southern sting ray and a spotted eagle ray that I saw in Christmas Cove. I will posting a bunch of the pics in a litte bit.


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Anonymous said...

Loads of tales in Dear Miss Mermaid's book "Hurricanes & Hangovers (and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph)" that are centered around life on St John, St Thomas and the BVI!

A must read for anyone "new" in de eye-lons!