Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Beach Pic

TGIF!! Crazy week, Christmas shopping, wraping, mailing and still not done. This weekend is my birthday weekend and Jay was able to get it off! So we're off to Jost Van Dyke. We have friends out on a boat  charter right now that are going to meet us at Jost on Saturday. One of them also has a birthday this weekend so it should be a good celebration. The birthday weekend kicks off today. My coworkers are taking me out to lunch and Jay gave me my present since I'll need it for this weekend. :-)


Jeff said...

Happy birthday Deb!!!Have a great celebration at Foxys or where-ever.Learned about your blog from Kerry..just learned they sold Promenade
Jeff in freezing Hershey pa

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Deb!Have a great weekend...maybe at Foxy's ??
Jeff in freezing Pa

brenda said...

So glad Jay got the weekend off :) Have fun on Jost. I take it you are overnighting on the boat? That will be a blast!! Have an awesome birthday!!


Anonymous said...


Let your hair down, as I know only you can!!! Happy Birthday! Have something cold and frosty for me....