Friday, December 4, 2009

"Once" for Dr. Silvia

Tonight we are going to the Caribbean Saloon to see a Pearl Jam tribute band called Once. If you've been reading our blog, then you've heard me mention Silvia. She used to live in a apartment at the house we used to rent. We have both since moved to different apt but have remained friends. This week, Silvia defended her dissertation and received her PHD. We are so proud of her! So tonight we are celebrating!!

Our past experiences with live bands at the Caribbean Saloon have been fun, but we hate the fact that they start soooo late! They advertise a starting time of 10:00 pm but it's usually more like 11:30pm. The last time we were there, we really enjoyed the band but couldn't believe how late it was when they finally started. So, I did a blog post about it and someone from the band immediately responded to my post. I couldn't believe they had read my post and was surprised at the response. They said they were there on time ready to start, but it was the management of the club that held them up from starting. They said management likes to start late to get more people in the door and sell more drinks before the entertainment starts. That's just crazy. If you advertise a starting time, then patrons expect you to keep your word. Oh, well. I guess we're just old and can't stay out that late!! Well, at least Jay can't. :-)

But tonight, it doesn't matter what time the band starts because it's all about Silvia!! Congratulations girl, you deserve it!!!

Update - we had a great time! The band "Once" was awesome. Even though it was a little hard for my ususal taste in music, they were still very good. We all dressed up in scrubs to help make Silvia feel like a Dr. lol


Karibi said...

Thank you Deb and Jay! Where did you find this picture!!!! ha ha ha

:-) See you tonight!

Ryan said...

My name is Ryan I'm 30 years old and I'm from Worcester, MA and my parents did the same thing you did and gave up everything and moved from Mass to St Thomas about 8 years ago and absolutely love it and ended up buying a house 2 years ago. I just forwarded them your blog as I just came across it myself and I'm sure they'll be viewing asap as My dad is always looking for stuff to do. His name is Neil & he runs the Right of Way Department for the roadways on the 3 Islands. Just wanted to say hello and boy does Jost Van Dyke look beautiful as always. I haven't been back since New Years 3 years ago but I'll be down on the 30th for 10 days looking forward to getting some good ideas from your blog on where to spend some of my vacation. Thanks 4 the effort. Great Blog.

Anonymous said...

YAY Dr. Silvia!!!!! Congratulations!