Sunday, July 19, 2009

Raining But No Water For the Cistern

So The land lord has some guys cleaning and resealing the gutter area on the roof and touching up the paint on the soffit and fascia. Should be all good right. Well they took the weekend off after using a lot of water to pressure wash the soffit, fascia, and gutters and left out the drain plugs for the gutters. Well we have a tropical wave coming through which means we have had a lot of rain the last couple of days. All of which is running out on the ground instead of into the cistern were it belongs. If I could find the plugs I would put them back in myself but apparently they have them with them. Here is a little video that Deb shot on her new 3GS iPhone. Mine doesn't do that.



Anonymous said...

Didn't you have a nerf ball laying around to stuff in there

Anonymous said...

is that your only balcony?