Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Live from New York City

Live from New York City, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Well, I've been off island since last week and it doesn't look like Jay is keeping up with the blog posts so thought I'd do one from NYC. I've had a nice time so far (except for the whole lost luggage thing) and I've got three more days to go. The training class is going well and I already have lots of ideas on how to put it to use. Last night I met up with a friend from St. Thomas who just happened to be in NYC and we ate dinner on the rooftop of her friends apt in the upper east
side. What a view!! I have several things I want to do while I'm here so hopefully the weather cooperates so that I get a chace to do everything. For those of you that know the city, if you had just two evenings to see the sites, what would you pick? Statute of Liberty, Empire State Bldg, ground zero, museums, etc. Give me your thoughts.


lust4life said...

If it was me, I would see ground zero and the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

My perfect NYC day...

Long stroll around Central Park, including a rest and people watching in the Sheep Meadow (West side, mid-Park from 66th to 69th Streets), while I work my way up to the Museum of Natural History (79th and Central Park West).

Work back to Times Square and stop at TKTS booth to buy discount tickets to a Broadway show ( for that evening.

Dinner in Chinatown or Little Italy, taxi up to Broadway, followed by dessert and coffee in a little restaurant (lots to choose from).

Whatever you do, have fun! I love your blog and all the insight on St. Thomas - thanks for the opportunity to reciprocate by sharing some info on my hometown!

Brad and Kimmie said...

Love the pics of NYC!!! They are awesome!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Loved Ellis island find your relitives on the wall