Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Beach Pic

It's Friday!!! Yea!!!! Todays pic has two reasons. For one, it's a beautiful beach pic on Lindberg Bay. But secondly, the fence area is protecting a leatherback turtle nest. It's pretty cool. The Leatherback turtle is an endangered species so any time they nest, they need to be protected. Nesting on St. Thomas is not real common so we're pretty excited about it. Here is an article in the St Thomas Source about it.


Capt Doug said...

Great Post!!! That one turtle may be the tipping point that saves Lindbergh Bay from being the Dumping ground for the harbor spoils.

Traveling Shaunda said...

How cool!

Brad and Kimmie said...

Very cool about the turtles!!! And a great Friday beach pic too. =)