Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fall Boating in WV aka Visit to the States

Well we have been trying to plan a trip to the States to see the Friends and Family so sitting around this morning I found some pretty good rates on US Scareways so it looks like ten days in September. We managed to book it during the time of the Pomeroy Ohio Regatta so we are going to bum a ride on a friends boat and spend a few days boating during the Fall boating season, which by the way will feel allot like winter to us. It will be great to see everyone and Pomeroy has always been a favorite of ours. I really can't explain the little town, once a year this sleepy little farm town on the banks of the Ohio River throws a party. Every business in town goes all out for it. Also this place has more bars per square mile than White Bay on Jost so that ain't all bad either, from Jimmy's sports bar with one big screen two pool tables and a hand full of other TVs, to the Court Street grill with live music, like Teddy Morgan and way to many people in what you could only call a Honky Tonk, to Shooting Pool at the Eagle's Club or having a nice dinner at the Wild Horse Cafe, everyone is glad to see you. I guess the best way to describe the whole ting would be a good old red neck "Carnival" with some power boats and stern wheelers thrown in for good measure.

By the way here is a little slide show of the Pomeroy Festival a few years ago.


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