Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New UVI Wellness center


UVI finally officially opened the new Wellness Center and I joined this week. We've been having our Zumba classes there since last week and that is really nice. The location is really convenient since I just have to drive down the hill from where I work, and then go pick up Jay afterwards. No more driving through downtown and cruise ship traffic, I love it! The gym is open to the general public as well as students, staff and faculty. It hasn't been too busy yet, but I would guess as word gets out that the membership will increase.

Here are the rates for using the facility:

Introductory Membership Prices for UVI Employees:

Annual Membership - $300 Monthly Price - $29.00
UVI Pro-rated Fall Semester price: $78 (Oct. 1st – Jan. 1st)
UVI Spring Semester Price $ 125 (Jan.1 - June 1st)
UVI Fall & Spring Semester UVI price $195 (Oct. 1st- June 1st)

Public Annual membership - $600 Public monthly rate - $50.00

Fitness class drop-in price - $6.00 for UVI employees
Public drop-in rate - $10 per class
UVI employee member drop-in fitness class price - $4.00
Public member class price - $8.00

UVI employee unlimited fitness classes per semester $150
UVI employee annual fitness classes only $340
UVI employee gym plus unlimited fitness classes $525
UVI employee fitness class passbook - 15 classes for $60 dollars


William Salazar said...

Hi there. I was curious if you were still a member of the UVI wellness center? I went to join the other day and they said they had stopped doing the 50 dollars a month open to the public plan.

I literally just moved to the island and I just found your blog. It is great. Thanks so much.

Deb and Jay said...

Hi there. Yes I am a member of the fitness center. But I am staff so I guess it's different. I didn't realize the cut the public memberships. I guess there is more use by student and staff than they anticipated so they don't want it to be over crowded. Sorry about that. Check out the gym at Paradise Gate (by the cruise ships) or the one up by Cost u less. Good luck. Thanks for reading the blog. :-)