Saturday, October 23, 2010

A day at home

A day at home, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Spent the day hanging out at the house today. We definitely needed some down time with all the running around we've been doing. :-)

But it wasn't a day to just sit around. I spent most of it cleaning windows and screens. And we have a lot of windows so it took like four hours! After doing zumba five days straight you'd think I'd have the stamina built up for a little house work. But man it wiped me out! So I had to reward myself with a little refreshment :-). BBC always makes you feel better.


Anonymous said...

Love the BBC thanks to reading your blog. Mine are never brownish in color, maybe I need more Rum. :-)

Deb and Jay said...

Lol well I use Cruzan Dark so maybe that's the reason for the color diff. I use 1 part Cruzan Dark, 1 part Cruzan Rum Cream, 1/2 part Coco Lopez, frozen bananas and ice. So the color diff could also because of the bananas. We get all the bananas we want so when they start to turn, we peel, cut and freeze them and then use them in drinks. Very handy :-)