Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New iPhone 4 has arrived

Jay broke his phone again, so guess what I got? Yes, you guessed correct, I got the new iPhone 4. Jay is pretty hard on phones, so when he damages one, I get a new one and he gets my old one! Lol

I ordered it online last week Tuesday, it shipped Thursday and went to St. Croix for some reason. It was there Friday, but with it being a holiday weekend, I didn't actually didn't get it until yesterday.

So far I really like it. I'll let you know more after a few days.

Btw, my pic for my home screen is a shot of Sapphire beach sent to me by Ken :-)


Ken said...

Which picture? We are thinking of switching from our Crackberry to Iphone, from Verizon to ATT (When I am down there, sometimes I end up roaming for $1.99/min) but heard that ATT had issues with dropped calls?

Deb and Jay said...

Verizon is definitly not the service to have down here, roaming is crazy. I've had decent service with ATT. Yes, there are some dropped calls, but not too bad. You just deal with it. And there are some dead areas so if you're talking while driving (as a passenger of course :-) you may hit a spot and loose the call.