Monday, November 30, 2009

Soggy Dollar

We had a great time on Jost Van Dyke at the Soggy Dollar Bar yesterday. We picked up Brenda and Gary at the ferry dock and headed over to Sandy Cay for a swim. We ran into Captain John Brandi with Palm Tree Charters. His group was celebrating a birthday so they were having a great time.

Then we headed back over to Jost to partake of a few painkillers and lunch. The weather was perfect, the food and drinks were great and so was the company. Thanks Brenda and Gary. (BTW thats Brenda and I sitting at the table in the lower left hand corner of the pic above.)

But then it was time to head home. Customs was crazy since we got there the same time as several day boats and a ferry. We didn't have any of our paperwork filled out so that was even funner. One of the customs officers helped us fill out our local boaters app so that should make it easier the next time we head to the BVI. We had a great weekend and can't wait to do it again. My birthday is coming up soon so that sounds like a good reason for a weekend boat trip. We have some more forum friends coming in that same weekend for a sailing trip so keep your fingers crossed that Jay can get another weekend off. :-)



Lizzer said...

Hi there!

I discovered your blog a few weeks back and have had such a great time reading through all of your experiences- what an adventure!

My friend and I have been doing some preliminary research about a move to the island, and at this point my main concern is nailing down employment before we leave (I know enough to know the chances of this are low- better to be ON the island first!) In any case, I'd love to chat about your perspectives and hear your thoughts on the whole issue.

Thanks! Enjoy the sunshine :)

capt Doug said...

for sure do the paperwork for the Local Boaters Option - you can pick it up in Frenchtown at CBP by the Tortola Ferry - it just becomes a phone call then!chel

Ken said...

So with the local boat application, once you have it you just phone into customs and essentially pass go without stopping? Do you know what the regulations are if you want to bring a dog over as well? Curious, but what have you heard about Ivan's Stress Free Bar and any plans to visit there?

Deb and Jay said...


Finding a job is the biggest part of making the decision to move. In your research you should check out VI Dept of labor and UVI they both list job openings. Once you apply for something you have to be persistant, have your plans in place and make several visits. Good Luck!


Yes, like Capt. Doug said, if you are a local boater and obtain the Local Boater Option card from customs, then checking back into the USVI is just a simple phone call. This was a last minute trip and we hadn't thought about doing that ahead of time. Hopefully we'll have it by the time we take our next trip. Here is a link to the customs web site for more info:


Deb and Jay said...

It cut off part of my link. Let me try it again:

capt Doug said...

BUT everyone on the boat that day has to have a Local Boaters Option card --- Or -- you still have to go through the appearance at the Customs office.