Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Botany Bay


Made it to Botany Bay today. We went to Mermaids Chair. It's a really cool beach and we had it to ourselves most of the day. The down side is you have to park at the guard shack at the entrance of Botany Bay and walk about 2 miles down to the beach.

The walk down is not bad, nice paved roads...

but the walk up.....OMG. Thankfully a guy in a truck leaving one of the building sites stopped and gave us a ride up. The views were spectacular, especially with the north swells, the waves were wild!

A big storm looked like it was going to move in, but it blew over and all was well.

I like the beach and the remoteness, so I'd like to go again. But I think I'll wait until the boat is ready and go by water instead of walking that hill!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Their promise of 'public access' to the beach is a 2 mile walk -- it is an insult to the people of the VI and the Govt. should revoke all their development permits. said...

Ciao form Italy

Anonymous said...

there on 11-29-11 guard let us in we drove all the way down to the sugar mill parked took some pictures drove down to sandy's turn around walked to beach about 100 feet away hung out for a bit back to the car and drove up top. we had the run of the place