Saturday, October 3, 2009

Paradise Gate Fitness Center

Well, I finally joined a gym this week. If you remember, I tried to join one last year in the Nisky Center but it closed down the day before I gave them my money. None of the other gyms are in a convenient location with Jay and I sharing one car so I kept putting off joining one. But I finally gave in and joined Paradise Gate.
The gym itself is decent. They have nice exercise equipment, lots of cardio (treadmills, stair climbers, elliptical, bicycles), free weights, etc. It cost $99 to join and $53 a month. No contracts. Plenty of parking. But the location is at the end of Havensight. So you have to drive by all the cruise ship traffic, construction traffic, etc. Right now it's not bad, but as soon as high season hits and there are 6 ships in port, it will be a nightmare.
The main problem I have with this place is the personal trainer racket that they have going on. When I joined, I paid a $99 joining fee which I would think would entitle me to at least one time around the gym
with a staff member to show me how the machines work so that I don't hurt myself using them incorrectly. But no. The staff member on duty is also a personal trainer and charges $75 a week for his services. That's $300 a month! And if you don't hire him to be your trainer then he won't help you while you're in the gym. If I ask a specific question, he'll answer it reluctantly. But if he sees me stuggling on
a machine, he'll walk right past me to help someone else. I guess someone who's paid him. I think it's really sad.

So I've been trying to research online what is a good program to follow for beginner upper and lower body workouts. If anyone out there has any suggestions I'd be glad to hear them.


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Deb and Jay said...

I did end up hiring him as a personal trainer just so that I could get some guidance on a routine. He ended up being a really nice person and very knowledgeable, I just didn't like how I was treated before hiring him. I've since stopped going just because the traffic was so bad through the high season and could not bring myself to sit in traffic for an hour just to get to the gym. So I started walking and doing exercise videos. The university is getting ready to open thier fitness center which is very convienient, so I will be first in line as soon as they're ready.