Saturday, October 24, 2009

New patio set

We finally broke down and bought a new patio set from Home Depot this week. A coworker helped me put it together today since Jay is on a crazy work schedule. We kept hoping we would find a good deal on a used one... Someone moving off island. But just couldn't find one. Apparently they go pretty quick when someone is selling one and it usually goes to someone they know. So while we were shopping for a new fridge last week we realized Home Depot had all their patio furniture and other "summer" items marked down to make way for Christmas and other "winter" items. It cracks me up because it's summer here all year but since they have to do the same thing as mainland stores, then they mark the items down. Worked out well for us. We had to borrow a friends truck to go pick it up because the box was huge and wasn't even close to fitting in our car. Home Depot wanted $80 for delivery, so thankfully we have great friends that had no problem loaning us their truck. This has been one of the things I've wanted since moving in this apartment because the view is so awesome and the breeze is wonderful. I can't wait to start eating all our meals out here!!

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