Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fridge Shopping Island Style

So the refrigerator failed at the apartment last week. Actually by Saturday it was about 50 degrees in the fridge side and still cold in the freezer. We called the land lord, and since she is stateside and the old one was close to sixteen years old, she said for us to just go out and buy one and take it off next months rent. We were fine with that or so we thought. We went out Sunday to shop and try to work out the logistics before we lost any food. We decided going in that we would try to find an Energy Star unit to lower the WAPA bill, plus there is a twenty percent rebate program from the government here on Energy Star. So first stop is Home Depot, they had three fridges in stock, one luckily would fit in the opening and it was Energy Star, $929.00 for a two door 21 Cubic Foot model with an ice maker that we couldn't use. So we told the land lord we would shop to make sure we got the best price. This was a big mistake. We went to KMart, Price Smart, Cost U Less, and Western Auto, and two independent furniture stores. None of them had an Energy Star unit in stock. So we go back to Home Depot to buy the one we looked at first. They no longer had it in stock, they only had one when we were there, this is information that would have been helpfull to know when we left the first time. So in utter disbelief we gave up and went to the beach. The last hope was the appliance Expo, they were closed on Sunday. Deb called them Monday morning, no luck there either. So we gave up and bought a non energy star unit from one of the independent stores, since they delivered. We got the new fridge Monday evening. Like most simple things here, it wasn't so simple.

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Ken said...

At least as tenants you are proactive, right after we bought our house, the washing machine went, we told the tenants to go get a low end washer and take it off the rent. Well a month goes by and they just complain there is no washer. So here from Nevada we painstakenly accomplished buying a washing machine, had it delivered and the old one hauled off. The delivery person wanted a Western Union for his payment, we wired the money that day. About a month later he called at 6 in the morning and wanted to know where his money at Western Union...never heard back! We feel your pain....even more not being there!