Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trip Home

Well we're finally making a trip home to visit! Yea! But, booking tickets from St. Thomas round trip to the states was no easy task. We had a voucher from United that we tried to use and had our travel agent check into it. After several hours on the phone with United, they finally told her that it would have to be used for a one way ticket from the original destination; it could not be used to towards a round trip. But, since United no longer flies into St. Thomas, we're pretty much out that money. Oh well. We were on hold for most of the afternoon and evening with her while she checked everything out and with our lovely cell service here, it kept dropping the call. We would try to call back but since she was on hold with United she couldn't take our call. It was pretty crazy.

One thing we didn't think of when we packed to move here was having some winter clothes to wear when we go back for a visit! All our winter stuff is packed away in the attic of our house. So I guess we'll find something to wear back on the flight but our first stop will have to be the house to get a coat! brrrrr

We have lots of things planned for our visit (pre-Christmas with the family, my birthday get together, visit with friends, shopping,...), it will be hard to fit them all in on just a one week visit, but we'll have fun trying! I'm sure we'll be exhausted when we get back so it's a good thing the University is closed for two weeks for the Christmas holiday!

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