Sunday, November 23, 2008


Well we went to Honeymoon beach on Water Island yesterday. Jay had to work so it was just me, Mike and Lisa. We were at Tickles walking towards the ferry when we saw it pull away. Darn, guess we have to sit at the bar and have a couple drinks while waiting for the next ferry. :-) But, I ran into a friend who was heading that way, so he offered us a ride and dropped us off right on the beach. Thanks Jimmy.

The beach was pretty crowded, but not too bad, then we realized that there were two daytrip boats anchored in the bay. All the tourists were walking around with their pirate fake tatoos, so they were a dead giveaway. But a couple hours later, the horns blew and all the toursists boarded their boats and then the beach was all ours. Nice.

We finally thought that is was time to head back but we had no idea where to catch the ferry, so we stopped by Heidi's Honeymoon Grill, ordered a couple drinks and asked for directions. She told us it was a pretty good walk over the big hill and then downhill to the ferry. So we were ready to start hiking when we met Eian. He offered to give us a ride, yea! We had plenty of time since we didn't have to walk, so we hung out for a few minutes talking to him and his friend. He's from Australia but he's been down here for a very long time, so his accent was unique. We finally decided it was time to go, we we climbed in his island car, when he had to climb through from the passenger side because the driver door would fall off if he tried to open it! We all got situated, Eian turned the key......and nothing. Turned again, nothing. Tried a third time, nothing. Not even a click or anything. Totally dead. We were all cracking up and thanking Eian for the wonderful ride. He was very apologetic. But then we had to high tail it over the mountain to catch the next ferry. We barley made it, but we were all breathing a little heavy!!

It was a great day, lots of sun, beer and catching up on all the stories from home.

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Sounds like fun and very pretty!