Monday, September 22, 2008

Weather Update

There has been a low pressure system over us for a couple days and may be here for another couple. It has dropped some major rain and a little wind but nothing major. The cistern and pool are full, plants are green, and everything has gotten a good washing. Sounds like this low pressure system could be upgraded to a tropical depression by today, so we will be keeping our eye on it.

We got to test the generator yesterday. The power kept going on and off so we gave up and turned it on so we could finish watching our movie! The gen is so loud we had to close the storm shutters on the back of the house so we could hear the movie. I'm sure our neighbors love hearing it. There are several houses in the area that have automatic transfer switches so as soon as the power goes off you can hear their gens kicking on. But they are not very loud, you can barely hear them at all.

Woke up this morning to a pretty sunrise, so hopefully the heavy rain is coming to an end. But you know how the saying skies at night, sailors delight, red skies at morn, sailors be warned. So maybe there is more to come.

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