Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ground Hog Day

Well we have Internet access at the apartment today. Actually we had it yesterday and just didn't know it. It's actually DSL and it's hard wired. Silly us we just assumed it would be WiFi. So we have checked an item or two off of the list and will start again today. A trip, postponed from yesterday to Cost U Less to stock up on the essentials. We have the island trader and will be making a few more phone calls about cars, and I have to go see a woman about a horse, I mean a job. Yep that's the reality of paradise. Without a trust fund I will have to find work. I had made a few contacts prior to getting here and will be going to one of the more promising ones today.

We both still get a silly grin when we walk downstairs in the morning at see the view from the apartment deck. It's just hard to beat.


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