Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Deb's New BCD aka More Stuff to Ship

Well we are supposed to be getting rid of stuff but I couldn't help myself. Deb has always rented BCD's for diving but since we should be diving more frequently I found a really good deal on one on eBay and bought if for her. So we have one more thing to drag to the islands with us but its good stuff.

Take the shed off of the to do list. I got it cleaned out today. I threw two full black lawn and leaf bags full of plain old crap away plus put a bunch of scrap wood on the fire pit at the Tiki Bar. It still amazes me the amount of junk that we have accumulated over the years.

High sixties and partly sunny in West Virginia Today. That sounds nice until you compare it the 80 and scattered clouds in Charlotte Amalie today.

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