Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Beach Pic

Friday Beach Pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.
The weekend is here and lots going on.

Tonight is Billigan's going away party at the Looney Bien. He took a job on St. Croix. I'm sure he'll make an occasional trip back to St. Thomas so it won't be the last we see of him.  But it's still a good reason to have a party. Brian Dean will be playing so if you're on island, stop by.

First group of friends arrived safely this week and are enjoying their St. John villa. I'm going out with them tomorrow on Born to Rhumb, but Jay has to work. Hopefully he can meet up with us after work depending on how the day goes. CYOA is hopping this weekend. Between today and Sunday, 17 out of 20 boats are leaving the dock. Most are sleep a boards, which means they stay the night on the dock and leave the next morning so Frenchtown should see some good business from all the guests.

Then for Superbowl Sunday we plan to head over to St. John as soon as Jay gets off work to watch the game with our friends. If he gets off early enough the plan is to hit a beach before the game. You just can't beat St. John beaches and I can't pass up an opportunity to sit on the white soft sand and look at the beautiful colors of the water. (Pic above is Hawksnest beach on St. John)

Monday the second group arrives that are staying on Water Island. This will be a new experience for everyone, including us. The villa comes with a golf cart so we'll be able to run around the island and see more than just Honeymoon beach. They hired someone to provision so that they wouldn't have to carry all the stuff over on the ferry so we'll see how that goes. I'm pretty excited to finally get to explore the island a little bit. Depending on how tired they are from traveling and how tired we are from our crazy weekend, we may try to go over for the Monday night movie that Heidi's Honeymoon Grill does on the beach. I've always wanted to go but have just never done it. She hangs a huge sheet in the palm trees and shows a movie, sells hot dogs and popcorn and drinks. If we don't make it this Monday we still have next Monday.

Wednesday the last group arrives that are staying with us. Jay and I both took off the week that they're here so we'll be able to enjoy it a little more. It's so hard trying to work while everyone else is enjoying their vacation. So we'll be doing lots of boating, running around Water Island and hopefully a trip to St. John with group 1 before they leave.

After this bunch leaves there are no more planned visitors. It'll be time to "dry out" and get some rest lol. Our landlord is planning to have some work done at the condo so we'll need to coordinate that. My plan is to get back into my routine of Jenny and the gym. I have got to get the weight back off that I've gained from the holidays and visitors. Why is it so hard to loose but so easy to gain back. It sucks. But I've done it before so I know I can do it again :-)

Well everyone have a great weekend and check back for rednecks in the Caribbean updates :-)

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brenda said...

Let the festivities begin! Looking forward to updates :)