Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy birthday Jay

Happy birthday Jay, originally uploaded by captainjay.
Today is Jay's birthday so he has the weekend off and we're heading out on the boat. It's a beautiful day, little bit of wind and chop, but a great boating day. We had wanted to go to culebra but the seas are not right today so it'll probably be a St john day. Not a bad second choice :-)

When we lived in WV we used to have a large party on the river for Jays birthday so several friends have text us today to say they are having a party in Jays honor lol. Keeping the tradition going :-)

Happy birthday Jay. Love you :-)

Some pics of the St. John day

St. John

Time on the Water in front of High Tide on St. John

St. John

Live on the St. John Spice web cam

St John


Capt. Doug said...

Happy B-Day! STJ Root Beer and Vanilla Cruzan Rum? Have a great boat day.

Marishvcard said...

Happy birthday Jay. Love you :-)
Enjoy your every day..I hope