Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Beach Pic

TGIF! Been a long week, been a long month actually. We are really ready for a chill weekend. Even though May was busy with visitors, travels, and rental property work, we really had a great time with all our friends that visited. Give us a weekend off for rest and we'll be ready to do it again :-)

June and July will be really busy for Jay. CYOA is pretty much booked solid which is great for the business, just means a lot of weekends for Jay for boat turn arounds. August they start getting the boats ready for Puerto Rico and then September he'll finally get some time off to rest.

June 1 was the official start of the hurricane season. So that means it's time to check the hurricane kit and restock supplies. Water, can goods, batteries, gas for the generator, lighters, propane for the grill, cash, you get the idea. Sounds like a big trip to cost u less is in my future.

June 1 also started my recommitment to Jenny Craig and Zumba. I haven't been sticking to the program with all my travels and visitors so it's time to get back to business. I actually didn't gain much back with all my craziness, only a couple pounds, which really surprised me. But need to get back on track so I can reach my Jenny goal. I lost 35 lbs so far, which I actually reached last November and have just maintained since then. So I think that's pretty good. I feel great and that's what matters, right :-)

So everyone have a great weekend!

Above pic taken at Morning Star beach. View from Havana Blue. Awesome restaurant by the way.

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