Thursday, May 5, 2011


So we finally made it to J'ouvert. This is our fourth Carnival and I've wanted to go every year and I finally talked Jay into it. We met some of my coworkers and Jay's coworkers at Admiralty Dive center's shop at the Winward Passage at 5am for a pre-J'ouvert get together and when the music finally started around 6:30 the dancing began. What a fun time! I love the music and dancing behind the trucks with the huge speakers and base like you can't image. People dressed in all kinds of crazy costumes and dancing like you've never seen. It ends around 11am and the police start clearing the street so that they can open it back up to traffic. Most people continue the party elsewhere but some of us have to head to work, bummer lol.

A friend of mine was on one of the trucks and took the above pic. I took the video from ground level. Crazy crowd :-)  Read more about j'ouvert here.

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