Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday beach pic

Friday beach pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.

TGIF! Been a long week of working and recovery from the last two weekends! Lol Jay has to work this weekend so no more trips planned for now. We have friends from WV arriving next Friday so we'll be out and about with them. We also have forum friends arriving Monday so we'll be heading over to STJ to hang out with them a couple of days so it should be a fun week.

Carnival is about ready to start. It's later than usual. It usually is the last week of April, but because that was easter weekend, they didn't want the craziness of Carnival going on during their Easter celebrations. So, carnival village opens tonight, they've already had events for carnival queen, junior calypso, cultural night, etc. But tonight starts the big events and they'll be something every night from tonight until the end, May 7th.

They've had the road between the police station/federal building and the parking lot where the village is closed all week while they've been setting up the village which causes some traffic madness. Since the cops can't park their vehicles in the lot, then they park them in the road. Makes perfect sense, right? Lol

Have a great weekend and if you're on island, have a great time at Carnival!

The pic above is at Cooper Island. One of our stops last weekend :-)

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