Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fishin the drop

Fishin the drop, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Finally got out on the boat today. It's been awhile. We grabbed a friend and some fishing gear and headed due south to French Cap. STT started to get overcast and raining but out at French Cap it was full on sun. We went all the way out to the drop where the depth goes from 100 plus feet to over a thousand feet deep. We're hoping to catch something to take to Joes Beach Bar potluck tonight. Wish us luck


CA Girl said...

So what'd you catch?

Deb and Jay said...

Not a thing. Not even a nibble :-(. But it was still a great day on the water. :-)

Anonymous said...

You've got to let Jay get the sonar can't fish with out out I have 3 on my boat Now I need radar for those foggy mornings

Deb and Jay said...

lol I never said he couldn't have all the gps toys. :-)