Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Beach Pic

Friday Beach Pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Happy Friday! Jay and I went back to work yesterday and boy was that hard! Lol had a great staycation with our friends, sad to see them leave. Today they're coming over to STT to have lunch with us before heading to the airport. We had a great time, but we are wiped out. At least for me, I get the weekend off to catch up on some rest. Poor jay is not off again until next week Thursday. There's a big fiberglass job that he has to get done so he is going to have to work straight thru. Hang in there Jay, you can do it! :-)

This pic is Maho on St. John. That's where we spent our last day with the crew. It was definitely the perfect end to our little staycation :-)

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