Monday, February 21, 2011

Contacting us for info

Several people over the last few years have contacted us for more information about making the move and living in STT. We enjoy answering questions and hearing about other people's stories and how they plan to make the move. The hard part about this, we don't have our email address listed on our profile for the blog because we don't want spammers to pick it up. So what people have done in the past is post a comment on one of our posts, with your name, email address and what your questions are. We get an email with the contents of the post before it goes out on the blog. So if we get one with someones personal info, we just don't post that comment but we can then at least contact you. I just received a similar post a few days ago, but there wasn't an email for me to contact them back. So if you're reading this, leave me another comment with your email and I will get back to you. If anyone has another idea on how to communicate better, I'm all ears. But I definitely do not want to list my email address for all the world to see :-)


CA Girl said...

Why not set up a Hotmail account just for Blog questions?

Gene and Gerrilynn Francisco said...

Sold our house after five years. We have been monitoring your blog since you moved and decided to do the same. We have been to the VI's several times already. So, come the summer of 2013, we will be moving to the islands for three months to get better acclimated and really find the right place to be. Then, the plan is to make the move. Thanks for all of your work with this blog. It has been very helpful and encouraging!