Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deb and I Made Threee

So our three year anniversary on Island was this week. As the locals say we made three. That's a number that is hard to even imagine. It does seem like time speeds up as we get older.The last three years have definitely been a whirlwind. We haven't been posting much as it seems like we have worked into a routine and don't do as much "tourist" stuff as we used to. Also work gets in the way of being beach bums most days. Don't feel to sorry for us though as we still manage to get out on the boat although we have not been diving in a while and my new fishing gear is still new, so that might have to be my New Year on the island resolution. Use my fishing gear and get a little diving in that doesn't include changing a prop, a shaft, strut or cutlass bearing, or drilling a hole in the bottom of a boat for a through hull fitting. By the way those are all things that I have done in the past three years with dive gear, not exactly what I had planned when I got certified to dive about ten years ago, but handy skills none the less.
On a side not a bunch of the "Red Necks in the Caribbean" are coming back for a visit starting the week after next. Last I heard there is going to be either 12 or 14 of them and Deb and I are taking a few days off to hang with them, should make for some interesting posts.

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