Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jenny Craig run around

So, a couple weeks ago I decided I would try picking up my Jenny Craig order and doing the paperwork myself instead of paying RushIt $20 to take care of it.  At first $20 didn't sound too bad, but when you plan to pick up two orders a month, for six months (or more), it starts to add up. A friend of mine who has been doing Jenny Craig for awhile, graciously volunteered to be my guide and show me the ropes. It takes three stops and about an hour (could be less if everyone's in a good mood, no traffic and no road construction) to complete the task. There is no money involved, just time. So here it goes:

First stop, RushIt, located beside the airport, next to FedEx. Pick up paperwork.

Second stop, Excise office located behind Seachest. Coming from the airport, the road is a divided road so you have to pass it, turn around and come back. Come in the office quietly, sit down without saying anything and wait until called. A sign on the window tells you to do this. Once you're called up to the window, you hand your paperwork to a lady that appears to be legally blind since she holds the paper two inches from her face to be able to read it. She stamps it and sends you on your way. No joke!

Third stop, Customs office located on the back side of Frenchtown. You can see the building from the Excise office, but there is a fence between them. So, you have to go back out on the divided road (going the wrong direction of course) to the next light, turn around, go back the other way (second time going back down the same road) turn at the light and wiggle your way down some skinny, pot holed filled roads. At the Customs office you have to fill out a form with some information found on the paperwork from RushIt, take a seat and wait to be called to the window. If you go at a busy time and there are several people waiting, it's an honor system to know who's next. When I went, we were the only ones and the customs officers were really nice, so it went really smooth.

Then, finally back to RushIt, so back out to the divided road again, and back to the airport. Turn in the paperwork with all its colorful stamps and pick up the package. Whew! I'm tired again just thinking about. I may just continue to pay the $20. What do you think? :-)


Anonymous said...

I think you should just keep jumping through the hoops and picking it up. The process builds character!!!!!!

Your tour guide.

A Year on the Grill said...

I only know weight watchers, but If I were still on that, I would reward myself with a couple of activity points after all that... good luck