Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beach Bar Ignoring Customers Again

So the Rednecks are here, they wanted to come to the beach bar. Ten
minutes after Deb ordered our drinks and food I had to ask the
bartender for our drinks. It's way past time for new owners and or
managers at what should be the best bar on St John.


Anonymous said...

Noticed the same problem two weeks ago today!! We sat at the corner of the bar by where the food comes out of the kitchen and it was like we were not supposed to be there!! Finally after a good ten minutes we ordered and got our drinks and then our food. I totally see your point and could not agree more. Love your blog, I check it everyday to help ease the pain of being stuck in the cold snowy state of Connecticut!! I give you two alot of credit for having the guts to follow your dreams. Keep up the great work..
Jim from CT

Deb and Jay said...

Thanks Jim. Appreciate your comments and glad you're enjoying our blog. :-)