Thursday, September 10, 2009

Winward Passage Hotel

Winward Passage Hotel, originally uploaded by captainjay.

We went to the Winward Passage Hotel last night to hear a friend play
guitar. This is formerly the Holiday Inn but recently dropped the
Holiday Inn franchise so they are now just the Winward Passage Hotel.
Don't know the story there but it's probably a good one.

I didn't see any differences on the surface since the change and I
really liked the atmosphere. The courtyard area is very nice and the
wait staff very friendly. Nice bar area and good drinks.

The menu had a decent selection but they're getting ready to update it
during the next two weeks. Most dinners were in the $16 to $20 price
range. We wanted something small to split so we got the fish and
chips.....terrible. Two square fish patties and shoestring fries. We
ate it but I nicely told the manager that they needed to remove that
item from their new menu. He understood my reasoning and gave me a
free drink. :-). Our friends that go there said other items on the
menu are good so we may give it another try but I think I'll wait
until the new menu comes out.

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