Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sunday Night at Hull Bay Hideaway

Well Deb and Silvia went to Magen's Bay on Sunday while I worked and then decided that we should go to Hull Bay after I got off of work and see the band that was playing. Deb called me a couple of times on the way because she and Silvia decided to take a tour of the west end. Actually they missed the turn a couple of times and went around in a big circle before they found their way down to the Hideaway. I got there a little later. The Band was called the Revision, and they needed a little more Revision. The band consisted of three very talented musicians with no real lead singer. One played guitar, one drums and one keyboards. They played strange mix of Jazz , Rock and a Reggae. They were obviously more interested in playing Jazz and put the other stuff on the sign to get gigs. They never really got the crowd into and it looked more like a jam session. The obvious exception to this was when they had a woman from the crowd sign lead on a song. This was the highlight of the night and proof positive that they need a singer in the band.

As for Hull Bay Hideaway, it was Hull Bay Hideaway average bar food with average bar prices, for St Thomas. We did have a good time and it was good to see Silvia, we haven't really been around her since she moved out of the apartment downstairs.



Rick Garvin said...

So very thirsty... and pale... hope to see you in March.

Cheers, RickG

Traveling Shaunda said...

Sigh, I was getting ready to move to St. Thomas this time last year...wow, has time flown by!