Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting caught up

Getting caught up, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Well after our fun vacay off the rock, we're finally getting back into the routine of work, sleep, and island fun. The weather has been awesome and the water is flat calm out right now. The boat has been out of the water for the "season" or we would be out on it right now. Jay and Squeeks just finished buffing and bottom painting so it should go back in the water this week.

I can't wait for the Christmas winds to start because it's been so hot at the house and WAPA is killing us. It's getting ready to go up 19% so that'll be fun paying that bill. But as soon as the winds are back then it's time to open the windows and turn off the a/c.

The boats start coming back next week to CYOA so lots of activity will be going on in Frenchtown. Lots of projects at UVI as well. Busy busy.

Bought a new laptop while we were stateside and rebuilt the old laptop to use with the new Neat desk scanner I got at Office Max. The old laptop was dying so jay did a system restore and wiped it clean. It's much better and I'm glad to have a dedicated machine to the scanner so hopefully I can get more organized. That's one thing that's been lacking since moving here, island time got me I guess lol.

The questions that were most frequently asked while we were in the states: are you really as happy as you seem, is it really as beautiful as your pics are, are you staying long term, don't you miss your friends and family, do you love it... And the answer was always YES :-)

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Scott Taylor, Taylor Group Realty International said...

Is it generally too hot in October to have the A/C off? I was there in August one summer a few years ago and we stayed in a cabin with no A/C and it seemed comfortable enough with a fan. Then again, I always run cold, so maybe it was just me. My overweight brother complained that it was too hot but I thought that it might be because he is chunky. =o