Sunday, August 26, 2012

How Things Get Fixed in De Islands

One of the things I learned early on here was if you want something fixed figure out how to do it yourself. There simply aren't a lot of skilled repair people of any kind on the rock.

So we have a very expensive convection combination microwave at the condo. It had stopped working a while back. So I did a little Googling, got out a screwdriver and a multi meter and dug in. Originally thought it was the magnetron tube, an expensive part. It turned out to be a safety switch on the door.

So where do you get parts in De Islands? I checked a few web sights and I was having trouble finding anyone to ship here. Believe it or not Sears parts express ships here. It's a little tricky as the VI isn't in their drop down list but their chat feature or a good old phone call will get it done. So thirty dollars for parts, another thirty for shipping. The one glitch in their system is they consider the VI international shipping, UPS only. That makes it quick just not inexpensive. So the microwave works now for a lot less than the $1100.00 that Home Depot wants for a new one.

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Shavon said...

I'm still confused as to why our government doesn't push to have the US UNlisted as international. Anyhow, let me give you a littel advice: get a phone book. The yellow pages are the quickest way to find what you want. Unfortunately, alot of the business here aren't online and the mom and pop stores often times have what you need. It IS sometimes cheaper to ship it in because I'm sure you know by now that the cost of living is horrendous. If you dont have a phonebook, you can always pick up a free copy at Innovative. It's the phone company and located right next to the Tutu Park Mall. But for future reference, you can get kitchen stuff from SeaChest and I forget the name, but there's a kitchen store in the Fourwinds area next to the police station and car wash. WELCOME. Btw, If you're looking for a vehicle, I'm selling my 2011 Jeep Liberty because I'm giving it all up and moving OFF island....temporarily at least.