Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday beach pic

Friday beach pic, originally uploaded by captainjay.

TGIF!! It's a birthday weekend for Jay. And our friend Billy is visiting from St. Croix so it's going to be a fun weekend.

We went to St. John last weekend and went to Salt Pond Bay and Drunk Bay for the first time. Absolutely beautiful! Drunk Bay is so different than any other bay I've ever seen in the VI. Everyone does a little rock sculpture which is so cool. I took lots of pics so I need to do a post of all the different creations.

So I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Linda said...

After following your St John trips on VIOL for years, I am surprised that you had not been to Drunk Bay, but I am glad that you continue to find new fun. Happy Birthday Capt. Jay!

Leslie said...

Had such an amazing time with you at Salt Pond,Drunk Bay and of course let's not forget Sunday!!!

Rob Frimmel said...

Happy Birthday Capt Jay.

Rob Frimmel said...

Happy Birthday Capt. Jay.