Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Relay for Life

Well, now that Carnival is over, it's time to start concentrating on the next event, Relay for Life. I've decided to get back involved with this great cause. I'm on the committee for online services (facebook, website, online registration/donations, etc.) I'm going this Friday to get my access set up and then you'll start seeing more information. The walk is June 23/24 at the Charlotte Amalie High School. If you remember, I got involved with the UVI team when I first moved here and had a pretty bad experience with the money I collected not getting turned in, so I stepped away from being involved with this event. But after a few years and several friends urging me to get back involved, I've decided it's time. I am really going to push the online donations part (which they didn't have the last time I was involved) so that the money is collected and turned over to the proper people in a timely manner. So stay tuned for more information and hopefully you'll feel compelled to donate to this worthy cause :-)

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