Friday, December 23, 2011

More WAPA rantings, Have a Merry Powerless Christmas

So yesterday in an effort to restore water service to St Thomas, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority managed shut down the whole power grid for St Thomas, St John, Water Island and Hassel Island. Just two short days before Christmas and right at the start of Tourist Season. If those of us that live here didn't have to deal with it all the time it might be funny. It simply isn't funny any more. We pay over forty cents a kilowatt for unreliable power. Constant black outs, brown outs and rolling outages on a regular basis. This place is an electronics wasteland from surges and spikes blowing up TVs, computers and appliances. Despite all this the bright side is that Hugo Hodge is earning $210,000 dollars a year to run this dog and pony show. This is actually sixty thousand dollars a year more than the governor makes here. So I am sure he is spending that money locally and helping out the economy.
Here are the details of this latest "St Thomas, You Can't Make This Shit Up" circus act.

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Anonymous said...

I work for a water utility can't figure out how they get away with this we would be hung if water wasn't there. we have a days worth of water in the air and backups to every pump infact we need 3 pumps for our highest useage day we have 6 we supply 200,000 people with water. our department head makes less then 100,000 I'm in charge of the men that keep the pumps and equipment up and running do you think they are looking for a few men LOL