Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One year Anniversary


I just realized we had our one year anniversary of living in our current place.  And we still love it! Signing a new lease for another year and, who knows, maybe longer :-)  I re-read our posts from last November when we were moving in and how excited we were. Well, a year later, we are still that excited about living here. Love the view, love the size and condition of the condo, love our landlords, love how quiet and peaceful it is, no dogs barking, no loud trucks or stereos, just can't say enough great things about it. The staff and people living there are always friendly, waving to people doing their morning walks around the complex, and the security guards you see everyday coming and going. It's been a real treat and I have to thank our landlords for the opportunity. :-)

I also love how the second bedroom and bath are set up perfect for guests. We've had a few over the past year, and this coming January and February we have a lot coming and I can't wait. We were hoping to have some friends over the Christmas/New Year's holiday but that didn't work out. Too much going on for them right now to make the trip. :-( So we have an empty bedroom for the holiday if anyone is interested lol

Today is the last work day before the Thanksgiving holiday. We are heading over to St. John to spend some time with some friends. We were hoping to go visit some other friends that are over on Tortolla but we just couldn't get all our schedules to work out. But they're having a blast and that's all that matters. They will be back in February for the Redneck's in the Caribbean annual trek. So we'll definitely get to see them then.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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