Sunday, October 2, 2011

Staycation, and other Ramblings

So, I set here at a beach bar on an island in the Caribbean that most people couldn't find on a map or chart if I gave them the name. We are nearly four years into this adventure that has come to be known as Live De Life.

At yet one more beach bar party. This particular excuse for a party is actually one of the better ones that I have been to. Joe, as in Joe's beach bar on water island, is hosting a pot luck with a band to help raise funds for the medical bills for his new premi daughter. These guys are salt of the earth. Lots of kids, family close by and to he'll with the details we are alive every day kind of people.

Back to the point of this post. We just spent a week on staycation, ran some errands, cleaned the boat, and as captain Ron says "if it's gonna happen it's gonna happen out there" so we got out there.

We spent a few days at Leverick Bay Resort in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda being treated like locals. Then another day at Peter Island in another cove off another beach that most people couldn't find and likely never will. I don't say this to rub it in, well maybe just a little bit. I say this as a wake up call. Our lives are never perfect, despite the glossy pictures and best foot forward that we all post on facebook, but if there is something that you really want to do or place you have to see then like the Nike guy says just do it.

By the way the sun is about to set, the band just started playing a Skynrd tune think I will sign off for now.

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Ethan said...

Deb and Jay, You don't know me but I just wanted to say thank you for all the things you do!!
I had no idea about that it was your weather station and cam. They have both come in very handy to check on conditions on the Northside before venturing over that way. Since we are in Marblehead for the summer. I haven't had a chance to check out that new restaurant in Frenchtown. Please do tell us more!!

Best fishes and thanks, Ethan & Lesley