Saturday, July 2, 2011

Netflix in de islands

Netflix in de islands, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Netflix finally opened up steaming video in St. Thomas! Yea! Up until this week we were blocked from watching Netflix movies online because we were outside the contiguous US even though we pay monthly subscription. But I received an email this week letting me know that they finally opened up the instant watch feature! It came in handy earlier today when WAPA was off for several hours. I watched a movie on my iPhone!


Anonymous said...

Great!!! - we love Netflix here in the States. I know you said STT...but do you know if it is available on STJ by any chance?

Thnx, Coden

Michael Buchholz said...

Yes, it's available on STJ. We've watched a couple of films. The quality is so-so over our broadband service from Broadband VI.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, MOB. : )


Deb and Jay said...

It's working great. We watched movies all day long on Sunday, even with the bad weather. That is until WAPA went off Sunday night lol