Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Night of Stay-cation

So we have had a great visit with the Schaub's and some much needed relaxation and a little rest. We went to St John today to take a look at the Villa's that T and Neville rented for their February trip. Both look to be real nice places and they are only about a quarter mile apart. We spent a little more time looking for them than planned so after a little lunch at the tap room and the discovery of a new cocktail we decided shopping and visiting a few watering holes in Cruz Bay would be a good use of our afternoon. The rational being it was to late to make any meaningful beach time. So the girls bought some jewelery and Rob and I held down stools at Woody's, and Joe's Rum Hut. Then it was back on the car barge for St Thomas.
About half way across Pillsbury Sound I came up with the idea of stopping in Marina Market, picking up some steaks as well as some veggies for salad and staying in the last night. Turned out to be a good decision. The food and company were great as usual and the view is as good as any restaurant on St Thomas or St John. Plus and easy evening may make re-entry into work for me and flying on Us Scareways a little easier on our guests tomorrow, but no worries for Deb she is on Christmas break and has off until some time in January.

PS the new cocktail we tried was appropriately enough named the R&R. It is basically almost equal parts St John Brewers homemade Root Beer and Cruzan Vanilla Rum on the rocks. Very smooth and a little sweet.

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