Thursday, September 16, 2010

From The Land of Plenty

From The Land of Plenty, originally uploaded by captainjay.

From the land of Plenty, this shot is of the produce department at the local Koger's store. We did some shopping and errand running yesterday, how does shopping in the states apply to living in the Virgin Islands? Well in a couple ways actually. First it's an opportunity to buy things that aren't readily available or are way overpriced I'm de Islands. The second thing is an ID problem. I picked up bit of a head cold on the way down, so will out shopping yesterday I tried to buy some Claritin D at the Wall Mart Pharmacy. Well here is meth head land you have to show ID to buy any sudafed products. Well the pharmacy didn't believe my ID, a St Thomas drivers license was real, this was almost funny except I really needed the mess. I offered up my TWIC card, which is a federal I'D that rises to the level of a passport and is required for transportation workers, as back up to my license and of course they didn't even know what it was. So I gave up and called one of Deb's relatives and got some Allegra D for free.


Anonymous said...

Haha and don't even try using it at a bar.

Anonymous said...

And many wonder why I am so reluctant to give up my stateside ID. You have just discovered one of many reasons not to. Glad you're having fun. Too bad about the cold, it must be below 80 there and your body can't adjust to the shock!